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The talking piano chord chart!

Posted by Lok Yinlok Yin on Kamis, 23 Januari 2014

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     There is nothing remotely like this in the entire world! It is one-of-a-kind, and only available right here. You not only SEE each chord, but you HEAR each chord, plus I personally explain each chord and how it is formed.

     For example, on the 12 major chords you learn to quickly memorize them all by grouping them in logical groups of 3. By the time the first couple minutes are up you'll have learned half the major chords, and in 5 more minutes you'll know them all!

     After learning all 12 major chords, you'll learn all 12 minor chords, and since there is only a one-note change between major and minor chords, you'll know all the minor chords in 10 minutes or less.

     Then on to augmented and diminished chords. In another 10 minutes or so, you'll be playing all of them as well -- all 24 or them! That makes a total of 48 chords you will  have learned in about 15 minutes.

     After you have all the basic 48 chords under your belt, you'll move on to 6th chords. And again, I will talk you through each chord -- you'll hear EVERY CHORD played and explained while you're looking at a photo of a hand playing that actual chord! He covers all 12 6th chords, all 12 minor 6th chords, all 12 7th chords, and all 12 major 7th chords -- and plays and explains every single one of them.

     You'll learn all the major, minor, diminished, augmented, 6th, minor 6th, 7th, and major 7th chords! 96 chords in all!  


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