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Reversible sales letter

Posted by Lok Yinlok Yin on Minggu, 16 Februari 2014

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I started losing hair just as I was supposed to be growing out of my “ugly duckling” teenage phase at age 19.

Dreading the thought of having to wear someone else’s hair for the rest of my life, I set about trying to fix the problem with the help of doctors, herbalists, and health gurus.

I’ve tried weird topical goop on my scalp, medications, birth control pills, herbal remedies, and super strict low-carb, elimination diets.

I would get terrible cystic acne, painful periods, and re-gain weight in the ugliest places like my upper back, neck and face.

Each time I tried to treat one imbalance, another one would crop up like a nightmare of hormonal “whack-a-mole.”

  Through further research, I’ve found that there aren’t many (if any) women out there who are actually curing their hair loss with today’s common treatments. The solution must require some thinking outside of the box.

Most medications used to treat women’s hair loss are aimed at hiding symptoms, and do nothing about the real problem.

And the real problem is a broken hormonal infrastructure, caused by a lot of small imbalances that build up over time.

It’s true. These underlying imbalances are often interconnected and affect one another, which is why you can’t succeed by treating just one.

By the time you reach full-blown womanhood, they have probably been affecting you for a number of years, causing you to look and feel older.

And it’s why, despite using medications for hypothyroidism, PCOS, etc, most women continue to lose their hair.

  My hair started to thicken up, I saw new growth sprouting up all over my head, and the other health problems that I had started to disappear.

Solving your hair loss problem is similar to putting the right code into a combination lock. Most modern treatments do nothing more than try – unsuccessfully – to pry this lock open by force, wreaking havoc in your body.

It’s easy to correct the root causes of your hair loss – you just have to know what you’re looking for and treat the problems with the right approach.

Once you do these two things, your hair loss can be reversed, and years can be taken off your health and physical appearance.

A powerful program for healing hair loss from the inside out – which is the only way to heal it for good.

  Extreme shedding, itchy dandruff, dry and coarse hair – you name it. With Roots of Radiance, you will learn to treat the causes of these symptoms.

On the other hand, if you have fortitude and determination, and are really ready to make the changes necessary…

  Now I want to share what I’m learning with you – the answers to some burning questions that you won’t find anywhere else. (I know because I had desperately searched for them, myself!)

Many programs for women with hair loss are either poorly researched or outdated. And they offer nothing more than cliche, band-aid treatments like transplants and chemicals. Most of the “quick fix” or “guaranteed” products for hair regrowth deliver disappointing results that make you feel like a chump for putting your hope in them.

The people promoting many of these treatments will tell you that hair loss is incurable – unless you use their supplement or product. They will even pay people to leave fake 5-star reviews on their bogus products. Outrageous, right?Read More detail

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